Biomedical Waste Labeling

                  Solutions for Sensitive Biomedical Waste Disposal

BioMedical Waste PackagingDealing with biomedical waste demands very careful handling. There are strict EPA regulations, OSHA regulations and compliance issues that must be managed. And of course there are concerns regarding employee safety, traceability and documentation to be addressed.

Proper Identification and Tracking is Necessary
When medical waste is transported in reusable containers those containers must be sterilized before being redeployed. Each container is typically labeled with a bar code that allows waste removal companies to track:

  • Type of waste
  • Where the container is coming from
  • When the container arrived
  • When the container was picked up
  • How much waste was generated

This information changes frequently as the containers are reused and accuracy is very important.

A Simple and Elegant Solution
It is often difficult to find a uniform location for barcode labels on reusable biomedical containers. As the containers need to be frequently relabeled there is considerable time, labor and cost involved in removing the bar code labels. Our Placards, on the other hand,  will easily attach to a reusable container and provide a uniform location and durable surface for labels. The surface of the placard allows labels to be easily applied and easily removed. Employees no longer need to spend time scraping or cleaning old labels. The placard makes tracking medical waste and documenting the process a much simpler task. Our placard products are used by these and other companies:

  • Biomedical waste removal companies
  • Biomedical waste destruction companies
  • Waste container companies
  • Asset management companies
  • Stericycle and others
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