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Color-Coded Rack Identification System Helps National Apparel Retailer Increase Warehouse Efficiency

Color-Coded Rack Identification System Helps National Apparel Retailer Increase Warehouse Efficiency

 Cleveland, Ohio (October 28, 2012) – The Kennedy Group, a leading provider of packaging, labeling, and identification solutions, recently provided three pallet rack identification systems for a national apparel and home products retailer. The systems were implemented in two warehouses, and a new e-commerce location.

 The systems, consisting of rack placard label holders and color-coded labels, were installed in a warehouse in Burlington, New Jersey, and a second warehouse in California.

 The Original Rack Placard Label Holder, designed by The Kennedy Group, eliminates label build-up, chipped paint, and excess labor to scrape off old labels. The placard is a permanent label holder that allows for the easy removal and replacement of labels. The labels can be printed with sequential or random numbering, barcodes for identification, as well as human readable information.

 The apparel retailer’s distribution centers require that pallets be assigned to locations based on availability. When a forklift operator arrives at a pallet position, he or she has to scan five levels of pallet racks to assign the pallet to the right location.

 Before implementing The Kennedy Group’s rack identification system, operators at each warehouse spent valuable time scanning pallet racks to find the right location. The labels are now color coded to clearly identify racks, reducing pallet placement time and placement errors. Labels can be easily removed if the rack location or product changes.

 Each of the five rack levels has a different colored label – white, yellow, blue, green and red – from bottom to top, indicating where products are stored. All five labels are on the bottom level for easy viewing, as well as on each beam in the upper level racks.

 The labels allow for efficient operations. Once forklift operators learn the color scheme, they are able to increase their productivity. Quick visual identification frees them from hand-keying locations.

 The easy-to-install placard label holders and labels were implemented in two steps. First, the placards were applied by peeling away the backing liner and rolling them onto the pallet racks. Then the labels were applied to the placards.

If labels need to be replaced, it is usually because of forklift damage. The durable placard label holders make it easy to remove and replace these labels.

 The placard label holders adhere to multiple surfaces, including painted metal, plastics, aluminum, steel, wood, and corrugated fiber. In addition to pallet racks, the placards work well with shelving, pick racks, channel shelving, and flow racks.

 Competitive pricing and superior service from The Kennedy Group, as well as label performance and durability were the main reasons the apparel retailer cited for selecting The Kennedy Group’s Placard Label Holder Identification System.

About The Kennedy Group

 The Kennedy Group, a family owned and operated business since 1974, is a leader in providing market-tested and innovative solutions to help customers package, promote, identify and track their products. Headquartered just east of Cleveland, Ohio, The Kennedy Group is based in an 80,000 square foot corporate facility with global reach to serve and supply our customers in 40 states and seven countries. Our leadership and solutions contribute to the success of customers in the consumer products, automotive, material handling, biomedical, healthcare and chemical industries.

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