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Going Digital

Why Digital?  Advances in digital printing can benefit operations and sales initiatives by engaging and energizing consumers using the flexibility of digital technology to your advantage. Digital technology continues to evolve with customer demands.  We use UV ink jet digital to produce high quality, short run labels at affordable costs.  With increased SKU variety, clients are able to improve inventory turns by aligning label orders to planned production demand, to have a positive cash flow and prevent label obsolescence in the event of ingredient changes or graphics updates. This increased agility also makes it possible to easily deploy contests, special events, promotions, test market prototypes or sales samples.

Digital for High Quality and Quicker Turnaround

Our customers benefit from quicker turnaround and photo-quality high impact graphics. With no plates and separations, the pre-press process is streamlined and eliminates costs associated with these steps in the conventional press operations to make it an affordable option. Compared to toner-based methods, our digital ink jet equipment, uses light fast UV inks resulting better color matching and producing weather hardy durable UV resistant graphics. Packagers get great looking labels without requiring over-laminates or varnishes.

 • No films

• Photo quality images

 • No plates 

• On-demand customization

• No separations

• Affordable short run projects 

Digital UV ink jet systems also eliminate the click-charges and other costs associated with toner-based technologies, such as maintenance or charges by frame minimum sizes. UV ink jet systems is an overall less expensive system which allows operations to optimize yield and deliver the cost economies desired for short run projects.

 • No click charges

• UV ink cost less vs toner

 • Not based on min.size frame

• Better color matching

• No monthly maintenance fees

• Less expensive system 

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