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Durable Premium Nameplates

Durable Premium Nameplates perform in the harshest environments, including outdoor exposure, extreme temperatures, chemical exposure & cleaning processes.

The 14 mil construction allows for the combination of unmatched versatility backed by exceptional durability. The nameplates are flexible enough to adhere to rigid surfaces, but thick enough to withstand the harshest conditions.

Whether your nameplate is designed to prominently identify a brand name, display critical warnings, or record important data, your nameplates will remain in place and ready to identify.

Features of the Durable Premium Nameplate

  • Can be customized to virtually any size, color and/or graphics
  • Print with barcode, sequential number and/or human readable identification
  • Constructed to withstand weather, temperature, abrasion or exposure to harsh chemicals
  • Track your reusable packaging without the costs and problems associated with hot-stamping and bolted nameplates

Benefits of the Durable Premium Nameplate

  • Improve accuracy and efficiency in data collection processes for many activities including supply chain management, logistics tracking and point-of-sale 
  • Cuts cost associated with hot-stamping and bolted nameplates


Poly overlam protects against high temperature, abrasion and chemical exposure for maximum label protection.


Tear and moisture resistant film construction.


Permanent heavy-coat weight adhesive that has excellent performance on highly textured surfaces, including HDPE.


Protects the adhesive, allowing nameplates to be removed easily and applied to proper surfaces.

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