Turning Your Warehouse into a Finely-Tuned Machine

Are your employees constantly wandering around looking for items that have been moved - purposely or not - in your warehouse? ePWMS, theePWMS warehouse management application of eP360, helps you keep helps you track the whereabouts of almost anything in your warehouse, dramatically improving productivity.

As Easy to Follow as a Grid...

The first step is to develop a grid of your warehouse and each square on the floor (the size of the area is defined by you), or area on your racks or shelves, will have a unique RFID tag. All assets that need to be tracked, generally at the pallet level, will also have unique RFID tags. Then portable RFID readers on placed on tow motors, for example, will read where on the grid that particular asset was moved to.

Helping Get Orders Out the Door!

 ePWMS can also increase order fulfillment efficiencies.  The system can assign a picking order to a particular tow motor, forklift, etc. and if the wrong product is selected, can send an alert warning the employee to put the item back.  It also validates shipments in real-time by confirming that the right items went to the right locations at the right time. This system can greatly reduce the time employees spend resolving misfilled orders and restocking returned items. 


Help your warehouse reach its maximum potential with ePWMS!



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