Better Manage all of the Pieces/Parts

Kanban ePReplenishment

Managing the inventory of seemingly-infinite pieces and parts can be a painstaking process for even the most dilligent and detail-oriented logistics manager.  Our ePReplenishment inventory management application, however, automates this process and accurately tracks inventory so you never have too much or not enough, a critical component of lean manufacturing. 

Taking the MAN-Power out of Inventory MANagement

Ouir user-friendly ePReplenishment system was developed with a deep understanding of the common inventory management workflow of manufacturing companies, especially those that practice kanban manufacturing. That being said, the system can also be modified to accomodate your company's unique requirements.   The standard system functions as such: 

  • ePReplenishment utilizes the "parts supermarket" approach, automating the consumption of parts by adding RFID tags to traditional kanban cards.
  • When trigger quantities are met, the system can initiate the re-order of a given part.  
  • A browser-based dashboard presents management with a real-time view of the kanban board, which may be accessed from remote locations.

 This solution enables just-in-time inventory, a simple strategy that helps to prevent incurring the costs associated with carrying large inventories of raw materials at any given point in time.

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