Keeping the Reins on Your Returnable Assets

Returnable asset shrinkage has a staggering impact has on a company’s bottom line.  While losses and shrinkage may be at single digit rates in a closed loop controlled distribution systems, losses of returnable/reusable containers are significantly higher in an open supply chain environment, often as high as 30%. Many companies are making multi-million dollar supply chain decisions based on inadequate, unreliable data from barcodes or other manual material tracking systems. 

ePReusable, the returnable asset application built on eP360®,  identifies where containers are getting lost, even in complex, open supply chains. This insight helps companies assign accountability and close the gaps that adversely impact their bottom line. Companies often report a swift and substantial return on their investment. 


Some of the insight you can glean in real-time includes:

  • Asset Distribution:  Review how many assets are at each facility based on their last read and/or current status.  Further, you can display assets that are at any location for more than a designated number of days. 
  • Turn Duration:  See a breakdown of the amount of times reusable assets utilized during the same time frame are turned. 
  • Loss and Damage:  View an updated inventory of how many reusable assets are lost and damaged. 

 ePReusable can be fully customized to your particular business processes, while integrating with any of your back-end accounting or warehouse management systems.  

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