Everlast Decals

 Everlast Decals

Features of EverLast Decals

  • High speed converting lowers cost.      
  • Permanent adhesive bond to most surfaces.      
  • Durable screen ink for fade-resisting performance.      
  • Raised graphics that customers can see and feel.      
  • High opacity inks that create bold and vibrant colors.      
  • High printing definition for fine text and lines.      
  • Variety of substrates available.      
  • High-temperature performance.      
  • Chemical resistance.

 Benefits of EverLast Decals 

  • A premium, silk-screened decal at a lower cost than sheet-fed processing.      
  • Long-lasting performance.      
  • UL recognized and CSA accepted.      
  • Distinguishes your product from the competition.      
  • Gives your product an upscale image.      
  • Available on sheets or rolls.

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