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RFID in Retail Food Distribution

Getting the Reins Around this Complex Supply Chain

Transporting food and other materials across a supply chain creates unique challenges.  Not only are you dealing with sensitive food products,  there are also multiple distribution centers and restaurant locations that are receiving product. In a complex, open supply chain like this, there are numerous opportunities for costly errors that can create a major dent in a company’s bottom line. 

Tracking Containers of Any Kind to and from Anywhere

We can manage the many types of reusable storage containers that are used to transport product across the region, or even the country. The Kennedy Group's RFID solution allows you to track at the tray, container, pallet, or product level, whatever is most appropriate for your business. Further, product can also be linked to the tray or container; that way, assignments of product to container to location can be made for accurate tracking.  RFID also validates that product has been shipped, enabling the supplier to bill before a product is received. 

In addition, our readers are sophisticated enough to capture accurate reads even with food that contain moisture. With visibility into asset whereabouts that our ePReusable software application provides,  you can identify and fix gaps in your supply chain, enabling more efficient usage of existing assets. 

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