Food Reusable Packaging

 Getting it there Fresh

Food Reusable PackagingThe food industry supply chain includes food manufacturers, food service distributors, grocery wholesalers, food retail stores, and a variety of other functions. Most of these products need to be delivered while fresh, and often temperature conditions are a factor. Cleanliness and aesthetics are also important. Kennedy Group label and placard systems do not leave any adhesive residues or contaminants that can cause health related issues.

Easy Identification to Keep your Vegetables Straight

Using food reusable containers in the food industry used to mean the cauliflower label may be on top of the frozen peas label, which could be on top of several other labels.  The “old way” makes it too easy for employees to:

  • misread or scan a barcode label
  • stock the wrong product on the wrong shelf
  • end up with a container with messy half-scraped labels

Using The Kennedy Group placards eliminates this problem. Attach one of our placards to each of your food returnable containers, pallet or rack and then affix appropriate label. When it’s time to use a food reusable container, simply peel the old label off and put on the new label. No more scraping off old, messy labels. Our identification placards are durable and they stay on the container or rack – no missing hang tags. And our placards work with a variety of adhesive labels.

Chicken or Cheesecake – We Have the Identification Placard
We have worked with many companies in the food industry, including:

  • J.M. Smucker
  • Sara Lee
  • General Mills
  • Tyson Foods
  • Frito Lay
  • Ramsey Sias
  • Comstock
  • Wilderness
  • Kroger Technology and others
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