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From frozen foods, to refrigerated culinary delights, candy, or condiments, single-serve or  multi-pack containers, The Kennedy Group is accustomed to tackling tough applications.  Our ImagePlus and AquaClear™ are the preferred choices to satisfy branding and package decoration.  Clear containers and labels allow more of the product to be seen and create visual appeal such as with jams, condiments and dressings.

For other food clients, their promotional campaign success relies on our Clearback™IRC, on-pack or in-pack coupons MaxPack™ and PowerAd® booklets to boost sales and market share.  Other multi-layer and multi-fold formats include TriMax™ and PrimeAway™ which provide more space for information and marketing message.

Food Industry Loyalty Program

Our random variable numbering technology and couponing expertise were both instrumental in providing a unique solution for a rewards program.  This project requires ability to effectively manage large volumes of data in generating the random codes.  Each unique codes is printed on a multi-layer coupon applied to cases of food products. The codes are redeemed online as proof of purchases toward food service equipment and products.  The more products a program participant purchased, the more coded coupons can be submitted toward reward levels. 

Success with Tough and Demanding Projects

One of the most difficult applications we solved required labels to withstand extreme conditions and maintain its bond and perform. 

• Label was applied to aluminum tray lids in high speed lines
• Subjected to a freezing blast test
• Exposed to high oven temperature of 450°F
• Organoleptic tests demanded no odor emissions

We excel with these types of challenges.  Since food applications represent a large focus for our business,  our production facility successfully completed stringent AIB audits, fully satisfying or exceeding operational standards. 

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