Healthcare Distribution ID Systems

                                              Ensuring Accuracy for Patient Safety

Healthcare Dist. ID Systems

When healthcare products are moved through a distribution center in reusable containers, proper identification and tracking are critical. Patient safety and federal compliance are at stake. Each container is typically labeled with a bar code for order fulfillment. The Kennedy Group identification system provides several unique advantages:

  • Placards are cleaner than traditional labels
  • Label holders stay with the container and can be sterilized
  • There is no scraping to remove old sticky labels
  • Ideally suited for healthcare pharmacies

An Identification System to Streamline Your Operation
Because healthcare distribution containers need to be frequently relabeled, there is considerable time, labor and cost involved in maintaining proper identification. Our line of Placard products will easily attach to a reusable container and cleanly identify it. The surface of the placard allows labels to be easily applied and easily removed. Employees no longer need to spend time scraping or cleaning old labels. The Placard easily tracks healthcare products, saving time and money. Our healthcare products identification systems are used by these and other leading healthcare companies:

  • Cardinal Health
  • Lutheran Health Network
  • Orlando Regional Healthcare
  • Johns Hopkins
  • Smith Drugs



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