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The Placard Label Holder

HOLD & RELEASE® technology

Featuring HOLD & RELEASE® technology

Never Scrape Label Residue Again!

Never again waste time scraping off adhesive residue or resolving mis-shipments!  A simple and cost-effective solution, our Original Placards act as a permanent label holding surface, where one-time use labels can be quickly applied and removed with no sticky residue or messy overlapping. This patented product provides an efficient way to accurately identify and manage a variety of returnable/reusable assets, including containers, pallets and racks. They have been thoroughly tested for tough environmental conditions, including UV exposure, as well as repeated abrasions and washings.

With more than 250 distributors and 2,000 customers worldwide in the automotive, chemical, medical, pharmaceutical as well as other industries, Placards have become a critical solution for material handling and supply chain management. In fact, Placards have become the standard for major auto manufacturers and top suppliers.

Placards are also used and made available by most major reusable container manufacturers, including Buckhorn, Monoflo, Orbis, Schaefer, Technology Container and others.




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