RFID for Manufacturing/General Industrial Companies

Better Manage all of the Pieces/Parts

Kanban ePReplenishment

Managing the inventory of seemingly-infinite pieces and parts can be a painstaking process for even the most diligent and detail-oriented logistics manager.  Giant peg boards keep track of all of the available inventory, a manual system that leaves much room for error. Our ePReplenishment inventory management application, however, automates this process and accurately tracks inventory so you never have too much or not enough, a critical component of lean manufacturing. 

Taking the MAN-Power out of Inventory MANagement

Ideal for companies who practice kanban manufacturing and/or utilize an "internal supermarket" for parts, ePReplenishment  stores all of company’s parts, divisions, facilities and suppliers in a single database for easy retrieval and on-demand reporting.  Cards with RFID tags can replace the traditional kanban cards and track the thru-put of each card as parts are consumed,  Also, when trigger quantities are met, a feed can tell an inventory management system to initiate a re-order of a given part. The process of moving the received cases to the parts storage area automatically replenishes the data mart with the new on-hand inventory by taking a read at an access point near this area. A user-friendly, browser-based dashboard replaces the traditional peg board, and provides real-time counts of parts on hand, consumed, in transit, reorders, lead times and suppliers. Query in seconds and see the whereabouts of any part.

This solution enables just-in-time inventory, a simple strategy that reduces the costs associated with carrying large inventories of raw materials at any given point in time.

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