RFID in Warehouse and Logistics Management

Solutions that Turn Warehouses into Finely-Tuned Machines

RFID in WarehouseDo your employees waste a great deal of time wandering around looking for product or other items that have been misplaced or moved.  Not only does this disorganization lead to lost productivity, but inaccurate inventory counts that can increase overhead or reduce order fulfillment time. Designed for warehouses of virtually any size, ePWMS, the warehouse management application of eP360, helps you keep helps you track the whereabouts of almost anything in your warehouse, dramatically improving productivity.

Just like reading a map...

Locations on the warehouse floor are mapped in a grid-like fashion and given RFID tags; raw materials, finished goods or whatever asset you want to track are also tagged. RFID readers continually track asset movement and associates each item with a location on the warehouse map. 

Getting product out the door!

 ePWMS can also increase order fulfillment efficiencies.  The system can assign a picking order to a particular reader and if the wrong product is selected, can send an alert warning the employee to put the item back.  This system can greatly reduce the time employees spend resolving mis-filled orders and restocking returned items. 

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