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Willoughby, OH –October 26, 2007 — The Kennedy Group, a full service provider of complete RFID solutions to improve supply chain performance or meet Electronic Product Code (EPC) compliance mandates, received the award for Most Valued Converter. The Company recently received the award during the first Alien Technologies’ Awards Dinner held in conjunction with the Alien Partner Conference in Chicago.

Manufacturing Smart Therm® labels and Smart Cards™ has been a core competency of The Kennedy Group and will continue to be in the future. However, The Kennedy Group is using it as a foundation for continually becoming a provider of turnkey solutions. The Company is expanding its services and solutions by leveraging its experience based on what it has learned while becoming the largest manufacturer of smart labels and cards in North America. Customers can rely on experiencing the same quality and commitment with services and solutions from The Kennedy Group as they have with smart labels and cards.

“During the last year, The Kennedy Group has established itself as a leading RFID converter, said Pat Ervin, Vice President of Worldwide Sales at Alien Technology. “The Kennedy Group has demonstrated dedication to the RFID label industry by continuing to expand their operations to supply millions of labels without disrupting service levels for customers. We are happy to recognize their leadership by awarding them Alien’s ‘most valued converter for 2007.”

“We are honored to receive the award for the Most Valuable Converter,” said Patrick Kennedy, The Kennedy Group Vice President/Marketing & Sales. “This award further demonstrates that we have made the commitment and investment into providing quality RFID solutions for companies to successfully implement this technology into their supply chain. We look forward to our continued work with Alien Technology®. Having partners, like Alien, has allowed The Kennedy Group to facilitate rapid adoption of technology to the marketplace.”

Over the last eight years, customers have benefited from The Kennedy Group being the first supplier named as an Alien Technology® Certified Conversion Partner; the first supplier certified to supply Alien Technology® Gen 2 inlays; and the first supplier to enter into a multi-year, high volume supply agreement with Alien.

Inlays from Alien Technology® and other manufacturers are used in such smart products as Smart Thermo® labels (expendable solutions), Smart Placards®, Smart Nameplates® and SmartCards™ (multi-trip solutions). The Company’s manufacturing capacity is the largest in North America with an automated in-line verification inspection capability to ensure quality products. The insertion and inspection of 100 percent of inlays result in the highest smart product yields in the industry. Smart labels are produced to the exact specifications of each printer manufacturer and delivered in roll or fan-folded formats.

The Kennedy Group provides high-speed solutions to automatic application of smart labels with inlays from Alien and other manufacturers with its SmartOne® 1000 RFID Applicator and 2500 RFID Printer Applicator. Both applicator systems feature a silent tag eject function that removes a silent smart label before it’s applied. The systems have the ability to verify, encode and apply or verify, encode, print and apply up to 100 smart labels per minute.

The Company also offers software and system integration. Base software and customized integration packages are available to enter capture and cleanse data as well as update all pertinent systems. These software solutions enable inlay data to be distributed in easy-to-view reports on a PC/hand-held device, and can be easily integrated into current ERP and WMS. The Kennedy Group’s software solution is developed and supported by RFID experts and is fully upgradeable as the customer’s needs grow.

An extensive RFID Customer Solution Center is designed to test smart labels and cards so businesses can learn more about the technology and how it will improve their inventory control and customer service. Smart product is tested in dock door and conveyor simulations through readers, printers and printer applicators to ensure that they meet the unique needs and demands of its customer base. The facility also helps customers verify that the technology will work in their application through third-party verification processes.

A Service Bureau is is one of the many professional services provided by The Kennedy Group. The Company is equipped with the latest printing technology to program and print a large volume of smart labels and cards. An experienced staff of engineers is knowledgeable in various software programs to provide in-line and off-line encoding of information as well as custom label design and printing.

Other professional services include RF & machine site evaluation, smart label development, lab testing and analysis, hardware installation, operator training and startup assistance, on-site service and maintenance, technical and phone support.

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