Multi-Trip RFID Solutions

 Rugged Solutions for Improved Accuracy

Improve your overall bottom line by keeping a tighter rein on all your reusable assets, including containers, pallets and racks.  Know when your returnable asset was last scanned, find items in your warehouse with ease, and identify issues within the supply chain. Multi-trip RFID tags from The Kennedy Group thrive in even the most demanding environments, so you can trust that your reads are always accurate.  We offer a variety of tagging options to fit your unique application.



Multi-Trip RFID Solutions


Standard Sizes

Smart Placard®

The Smart Placard is ideal for tracking containers and racks where labeling is also required. The Smart Placard is designed with a special release surface, allowing permanent adhesive labels to me removed and replaced as often as necessary.

4.5" x 6.5"

Smart Nameplate®

Smart Nameplates combine our rugged identification nameplates with RFID technology for the most demanding environments, including repeat washings, harsh UV rays, and intense cold. These tags can also be reprogrammed, saving you money in replacement tags. Logos and barcodes can also be printed on this nameplate for further identification. 

  4”  x  2”


The Smart Card is a durable, non-adhesive, permanent RFID tag that features multiple memory sizes and configurations for tracking, identification and security applications.  It is frequently used on pallets or knock-down bins.  Smart Cards are also available in Plus and Premium versions for applications that require a heavier gauge product. 

3.4" x 2.1"; 4" x 2"





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