Roll-Fed Film Labeling from The Kennedy Group Creates Spectacular Visual Impact at a Lower Cost Than Pressure Sensitive

Cleveland, OH – October 2006 – The Kennedy Group a leader in roll-fed films, introduces PearlWrap™ roll-fed film featuring rotary screen print provides a bright and bold, three-dimensional effect that adds impact to product packaging. The Kennedy Group’s PearlWrap™ product supplies substantial cost savings over traditional pressure sensitive. Now with PearlWrap, the bottled water industry, can achieve same high quality graphics and screen print as a clear pressure sensitive label but with out the cost.

Currently, markets such as Health & Beauty and New Age Beverage have been using a pressure sensitive film label with screen printing to achieve high quality graphics and shelf appeal. The Kennedy Group, with their state-of-the-art technology, is paving the way for unsupported film to be considered. The availability of PearlWrap allows brand and packaging managers to provide a premium look and feel, while lowering total packaging cost, and increasing sales.

Combining UV flexo with screen printing technologies, PearlWrap reflects light and shimmer’s giving graphics depth. Another unique advantage to PearlWrap is that a laminate is not needed to protect the graphics because of the unique ink technologies used by The Kennedy Group. Therefore, we can achieve better clarity since it is only a single layer with no adhesive. In addition, PearlWrap increases the advertising real estate by using the entire container to create 360 degree graphics.

“Capitalizing on our technology, we are able to achieve a better quality product with truer graphics that project a premium image,” said Patrick Kennedy, The Kennedy Group Vice President/Marketing & Sales. “The significant cost savings and operational efficiencies with PearlWrap roll-fed film is an ideal alternative to pressure sensitive.”

Unlike pressure sensitive labels, PearlWrap is an unsupported film which reduces the number of roll changes and the amount of waste. Therefore, PearlWrap provides operational efficiencies and less down time.

PearlWrap with screen print is ideal for highlighting key graphic elements (i.e. company name and logo) to project an image of quality and performance onto the product to increase brand awareness and sales. Marketing promotions can be incorporated onto the back of the label to reinforce your brand as well as tap into additional revenue streams.

PearlWrap labeling is available in a range of thicknesses to meet your specific requirements. Labeling can be applied to glass bottles or jars, plastic containers. The labels can be dispensed at high speeds utilizing current automatic dispensing systems.

Applications of PearlWrap roll-fed labeling include products in such consumer markets as food, beverage, health and beauty, and household chemicals.

Headquartered in Willoughby, Ohio, The Kennedy Group is a leading developer and manufacturer of labeling, packaging, promotional labels and identification systems for a variety of industries, including industrial, automotive, material handling, food processing, household chemical, consumer products, biomedical, electronics, chemical, and auto aftermarket. In business for over 30 years, the company offers custom specification development capabilities and many innovative products and services.

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