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Original Placard Label Holder

Featuring HOLD & RELEASE® technology

Stop Guessing What's In Your Reusable Containers!



Our Original Placards for Reusable Containers are a simple cost-effective solution that dramatically improves productivity. Eliminate the mess involved with scraping and stacking labels each time you reuse your containers.  Also avoid confusion by clearly identifying reusable containers of virtually any kind in your warehouse or as they travel through your supply chain.  Printing capabilities also allow you to print your logo, address or any other identifying information directly on the placard.  


Placards are widely-accepted identification tools throughout distribution centers and material handling applications. In fact, Placards are used and made available by most major reusable container manufacturers, including Buckhorn, Monoflo, Orbis, Schaeffer, Technology Container and others.

Standard sizes include:

  • 3" x 5"
  • 4.5" x 6.5"
  • 4.5" x 7.875
  •  6" x 8"
  •  8" x 10"
  • 14.25" x 10.25"



Ultra Purpose Most durable placard available with heaviest coat weight for superior durability. Can also be applied to uneven surfaces. 
Original All Purpose Opaque, white finish. Superior indoor and outdoor durability, and broad service temperature range for hot and cold environments. Excellent  washing capabilities with mild detergents. 
Industrial Purpose Broad service temperature range for hot and cold environments. Good washing capabilities and outdoor durability.  Excellent, long-term indoor durability. 

Great product for automotive and distribution industries with long-term indoor durability. 

C0001 Developed initially for corrugated containers, but also used on plastic and metal bins. Good indoor durability. 


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