RFID Fixed Readers


ALR - 9900 - High Performance. Easy to Manage.  Easy to Integrate.

 The ALR 9900 is a critical component of a robust, best-in-class RFID solution; it thrives in demaning supply chain, manufacturing and asset management applications.  This reader improves upon receiver sensitivity and enhances interference rejection, resulting in substantial performance margin improvements over previous generations.  It also adds Dynamic Authentication for additional security, while maintaining a small footprint.  The ALR-9900 delivers high read rates in demanding applications...in an easy-to-integrage, easy-to-manage package. 



ALR - 9650 - Reliable, Cost-Effective Single Antenna Solution

The ALR 9650 is the ideal solution for single-antenna RFID systems reading moderate numbers of tags.  An integrated antenna and power-over-Ethernet support enables very low system cost and a small installation footprint, suitable for indoor asset tracking, access control, and POS applications.  An additional second antenna port enables cost-effective, two-antenna applications. 




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