RFID Label Applicators

 Further Enhancing Efficiencies

 An RFID Label Applicator automatically applies labels to your products, providing significantly greater accuracy and consistency over a manual application. When an RFID label fails, non-usable labels may have to be removed from boxes or pallets, data must be pulled to program the replacement label and a new label must be printed and then reapplied to a carton or pallet. Even if the label failure occurs in a printer, before it is applied, there is still time required to reprogram and reprint a replacement label. Both of these scenarios waste time and money.

The Kennedy Group has developed some of the most sophisticated applicators/encoders for RFID. Our “print and apply” solutions can eliminate labels with bad reads before they are applied to products.. You can be assured that our labels work not only when you encode, but later on when you want to capture data through a RFID reader. Let us help you define your in-line solutions. 

Applicators offered by The Kennedy Group are available for purchase, lease or rent.

SmartOne™2500 RFID Tag Printer – Fast On-Demand

The SmartOne™ 2500 label applicator, featuring the Zebra R110PAX4 print engine, is one of the industry’s fastest machines to encode, print and applySmart One 2500 Tag Printer smart labels, while tagging cases and pallets. The advanced SmartOne™ RFID tag printer identifies and ejects “bad” or “quiet” smart labels to provide outstanding quality control when tagging products at the case and pallet levels. The applicator’s print-on-demand capability enables it to encode, print and apply smart labels at up to 100 PPM.


  • Verify
  • Encode
  • Print
  • Apply
  • Eject
  • Speed: Up to 100ppm

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