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RFID Solutions Unique to You!

Companies across the globe are adopting RFID technology in droves. Why the sudden resurgence in this established technology?  Because companies today are more cost-conscious than ever and RFID possess the power to help them reduce shrinkage and enhance productivity. After all, it can tell them where their assets are located at any point in the supply chain. 

The Kennedy Group’s RFID division specializes in three primary areas:  Returnable Transport Item Management, Inventory/Supply Chain Management and Warehouse Management. We have a firm grasp on the nuances and unique work flow requirements that companies in these industries face. In addition, our open architecture enables us to easily modify our solution to address each company’s individual pain points. Follow the example of many leading companies and close the gaps that bleed time and money. 

Specific industries where we have demonstrated success include: 

Bakery:  The Kennedy Group’s RFID solution is ideal for distribution models where returnable/reusable containers turn over quickly in an open network with multiple collection points.  With bread tray losses as high as 30%, identifying problematic areas in the supply chain is critical to reducing shrinkage and improving the bottom line. 

Retail Food Distribution:  Our RFID solution can manage all of the reusable containers that are used to transport products across the country, even linking product to containers. 

Manufacturing/General Industrial:  The Kennedy Group offers RFID solutions for automating the complex and labor-intensive inventory management process, promoting lean manufacturing. 

Warehouse/Logistics Management:  RFID tools from The Kennedy Group drive greater efficiency throughout your warehouse, providing spatial location tracking; fixed, hand-held and forklift reader integration; and WMS hooks.

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