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RFID Readers

The Information Gateway

 A critical component to an effective asset tracking solution, RFID readers are generally composed of a computer and a radio. The computer manages communications with the network, allowing tag data to be communicated to enterprise software applications such as ERP systems. The radio controls communication with the tag, typically using a language dictated by a published protocol such as the EPC Class 1 specification. This particular protocol, one of several in use, is the most common language used by tags in supply chain applications.

The Kennedy Group provides a wide array of high-performance, flexible EPC Gen 2 RFID readers that are easy to deploy and manage. The readers are compliant with U.S., European and Asian regulations, and are all based on a common software interface to maximize return on investment and speed-to-implementation.

Providing even greater flexibility, multi-function handheld RFID readers provide the ability to capture a comprehensive range of data, including RFID tags and bar codes, for applications where fixed RFID readers can't reach.

We provide readers from quality manufacturers like Alien Technology and Motorola. 

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