RFID Solutions Center

Testing RFID in a Real-Life Environment

RFID Solution Center

The Kennedy Group features a 7,000 square-foot testing center, the most robust of its kind. We first consult with a client regarding their work-flow and simulate their unique RFID solution in the lab before deploying it in their live operations.  Clients are also welcome to visit the lab to learn more about RFID technology and how it can bring greater operational efficiencies to their organization. Our systematic testing process includes:

  • Optimal tag location and selection 
  • Hardware selection and location recommendation
  • Specific RFID hardware options and locations recommendations based on prdouct and environment
  • Automatic applicator testing on variable high-speed conveyor
  • Dock door and other real-world simulations - identification of read points
  • Work-flow simulation - analysis of data and collection options


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