RFID Product Applications



The SmartTherm RFID tags are designed to identify and track objects, such as totes and pallets, moving through the supply chain or on and off shelves. The tags are constructed with direct thermal and thermal transfer material for durability and accuracy. 


The Smart Card™ Slider RFID tag was originally designed for waste management processes, promoting efficiency and control. The slider tag device tolerates extreme hot or cold temperatures, are waterproof and withstand other heavy-duty applications.

The Kennedy Group offers RFID tags designed specifically for item level traceability for the retail apparel industry. By implementing Smart Asset Tags and combining it with the necessary RFID infrastructure, retailers can conduct physical inventory operations at a greater speed, with less labor investments and greater accuracy than with manual barcode-based inventory operations. 
Originally designed for tracking documents, the Smart Therm™ RFID Tag is optimized for close proximity, allowing documents, file folders, boxes to be located quickly with a simple search by using an RFID-enabled handheld device.

This particular Smart Card™ tag was originally designed to provide information regarding parts of an air conditioning unit. The RFID tag features two holes, allowing the tag to be mounted directly to the internal coils of the air conditioner. Due to the value of the coil and the level of importance,  the RFID tag is encoded with pertinent information including date of manufacturer, etc. Encased in a durable shell, the product is capable of performing in a variety of climates as well as long term use in harsh outdoor environments.

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