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Many customers leverage our rigorous trial and qualification processes to streamline steps and ensure project success.  We are accustomed to collaborating  in undertaking product development projects, testing and setting up trials,  investing in new technologies and equipment to meet market needs and demands.  Customers with a variety of SKUs and expanding brands leverage our Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) program. 

Customers with established supply agreements have the ability to access a custom catalog created for them reflecting their contract pricing for the specific product labels they need managed through the program.  They can view the current inventory levels that are ready and available for release.  This system provides up to date information of inventory on-hand so that planning and procurement roles have the needed data and information to align production demands and forecasts.  With this information they can better manage order submissions and releases.    A secured site allows customers with multiple locations and production facilities in different time zones to submit online orders at their convenience and be assured the order will be processed within 24 hours and meet delivery turnaround.

Customers interested in Vendor Managed Inventory programs can contact their sales representative to initiate the process.

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