Direct Response Marketing

Promotional Response Advertising Delivers Results

With direct response marketing solutions from The Kennedy Group, you can encourage an immediate response from customers to quickly elicit a specific desired action. With our Promotional Products Division, you’ll gain access to tools to help you direct customers to special offers, contest entries, additional content, and much more. You’ll still be building a brand identity and raising awareness, but you’ll also be able to easily track the return on investment (ROI) with direct response marketing campaigns that provide actionable data. 

We offer a variety of both in-home and in-store direct response marketing solutions. Newspaper sticky note advertising takes advantage of some of the most valuable real estate in publishing through an assortment of different types of front-page note advertising solutions. This method can place your exclusive message, on the front page and above the fold, in front of more than 30 million daily newspaper subscribers. 

Promotional labels and booklets offer many ways to elevate your in-store packaging, with additional space to include special offers, discount coupons, mail-in rebates, or additional relevant content such as recipes or additional products. The Kennedy Group offers an array of specialty labels and booklets to drive direct response marketing:

  • ClearBack Coupons™ — The coupon peels away, leaving an ultra-clear backing on the package. 
  • MaxPack™ Promotional Booklets — Specially designed for refrigerated or frozen food products.
  • Standard PowerAd™ Booklets — A convenient way to put a lot of information onto a small area.
  • PrimeAway™ Labels — Two promotional labels incorporate in the space of one. 

For more information on our promotional products, you can see more on our specific offerings below. If you want to learn more, or acquire a free sample to view firsthand, feel free to contact us today.