Leave an Impression With Newspaper Sticky Note Advertising

Achieve High-Visibility and Impactful Messaging

Newspaper sticky note advertising takes advantage of some of the most valuable real estate in publishing and can ensure your offer is seen by millions of daily readers. The Kennedy Group offers a variety of newspaper advertising products, all positioned on the front page and above the fold, to get your exclusive message out to more than 30 million daily national newspaper subscribers.
Whether you’re promoting a new product, offering a coupon, pushing a special promotion, running a contest, or announcing a grand opening, you can find a newspaper sticky note advertising model to get the results you want. You can read more about all of our potential promotional response products here, examine some of the specialized lines below, or watch the following video to see how we can promote your brand to millions of newspaper readers.

Tab-On® Front-Page Newspaper Ads

This one-sided, front-page note comes available in bright, bold colors and is customizable — you can design the look in an array of sizes and shapes to either line up with the newspaper content or to highlight an aspect of your messaging. Our Extra-Wide adhesive system ensures your ad stays in place until delivery. The ultra-removable adhesive itself separates cleanly and easily once the proper manual technique is applied.


Tab-On® Plus Front-Page Newspaper Ads

Tab-On Plus brings all the same high-visibility newspaper sticky note advertising, but doubles the impact with a two-sided ad to provide more space to get your messaging across. The ultra-removable adhesive leaves the ‘back’ side of the note clean and easy to read, allowing for an additional area to build on your ‘front’ side offer. Take advantage by using the space for product recipes, area listings, directions, disclaimers and much more.


Track & Play® Advertising Contests

These augmented Tab-On ads give you more tools for tracking customers’ response to advertising contests. Complete with consecutive numbers and barcoding, Track & Play products allow customers to redeem the tags for contests and ease of tracking for your purposes. Whether as a coupon or a game piece, these front-page ads serve as a call to action for customers to add interaction to your newspaper sticky note advertising plan. With our Extra-Wide adhesive system they’ll stay in place, but remain easily removable for redemption.