Make a Statement With Bright Graphics™ Cold Foil Product Labels

High-Quality Cold Foil Product Labels Using Cold Foil Technology or Metalized Film

Bright Graphics™ Labels add a rich, distinctive, and high-quality look to your products. Choose either silver or gold cold foil technology or metalized film for cost-effective ways to make your product stand out on retail shelves. Cold foil can be applied to paper or film and does not require the costly dyes associated with hot foil stamping. Choose either digital printing for short-run jobs or conventional printing for larger quantities.

Bright Graphics™ Labels are an affordable way to make your product distinctive and memorable.

Features & Benefits of Bright Graphics™ Labels:

  • A Bright Graphics look can be achieved by using cold foil technology or a metalized film
  • Bright Graphics Labels are unique to The Kennedy Group
  • Digital printing for short-run jobs or conventional printing for larger quantities are available
  • Adds “sizzle” and uniqueness to your product
  • Helps catch the eye of the consumer
  • Cold foil and metallic film projects superior quality
  • Offered in virtually unlimited design opportunities
  • Available in holographic designs

Advantages of Cold Foil Technology:

  • Great technique to highlight and enhance a label’s text and details
  • High level of design flexibility
  • Cold foil provides a “hot stamp” look
  • Cold foil technology can be applied in gold, silver, and other colors on paper or film
  • Ideal on a wide variety of substrates such as films and non-absorbent papers

Advantages of Metalized Film:

  • Glossy metallic appearance
  • Metalized film comes ready to print
  • Sleek, premium look
  • Flexible, durable material
  • Variety of colors and tints available to match your brand requirements

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