Roll-Fed Film Labels

360-degrees of Marketing Opportunity

All-around coverage for maximum space

Roll-fed film labels are made to fit the contours of your container. From bottle label printing to clear labels for glass bottles, roll-fed labels make the most out of the available space on your product packaging. With full-color, 360-degree coverage, the roll-fed film maximizes marketing space and instantly adds shelf appeal!

We offer innovative film solutions like roll-on, shrink-on (ROSO) labels, and our own ClearWrap™ film to help your packaging jump off the shelf. Whether you’re in the food and beverage, health and beauty, or household or automotive aftermarket industry, roll-fed film labels are available for virtually any container. The shape, size, and contour of your container can add even more character to an already visually appealing label.

Features & Benefits

  • Full-color, 360-degree design coverage
  • Quick turnaround and low minimums
  • Suitable for plastic, glass, and metal containers
  • Clear, metallic, and white opaque films are available
  • ROSO applications available
  • ClearWrap™ film available

We would be happy to provide you with various roll-fed film options. Let our team of experts find the right fit for your product. Contact us today.