What We Do

What We Do

Print Technologies

  • Water based – Most economical and provides good image graphics, chemical resistant.
  • UV – Best for high quality images demanding more-defined line screen and more-complex process graphics. Provides durability and fade-resistance.
  • Digital – High quality, ASTM Grade UV ink system for smaller runs.
  • Inkjet System – Variable data printing


  • Combination 10-color flexographic printing capability
  • Servo drive presses ensure higher productivity, environmentally friendly operation, and energy efficient production
  • 20” web width
  • Specialize in pressure-sensitive paper/film and Roll-Fed film
  • High resolution in-line vision inspection system
  • Laser digital plate making equipment with flat-top technology
  • 7,000 sq. ft. Customer Solution Center for testing/proof of concept
  • Vertically-integrated manufacturing capabilities

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