Pressure Sensitive Labels Custom-Designed for Your Product

Stand Out Amongst the Competition

The Kennedy Group's portfolio of pressure sensitive labels includes traditional paper labels and premium clear film labels. Pressure sensitive labels provide distinctive graphics that convey the unique identity and personality of each individual product while also meeting performance, safety, and regulatory compliance requirements.

Our line of pressure sensitive labels is able to withstand the demanding processing conditions and environments throughout the supply chain and during use by the consumer. Examples of some of these common requirements include the demand for chemical, temperature, and moisture resistance. Our labels have been proven to perform time and time again.

Want to learn more about our pressure sensitive labeling solutions and how they can benefit you and your business? Contact us today. 

Product Offerings

pressure sensitive labels
Showcase more product and less label with Aqua Clear™ Labels. They even work well on contoured and squeezable containers!
ImagePLUS Labels
Showcase your graphics and express your products with IMAGEPLus™ Labels. These tough labels hold up through challenging conditions and environments.
PureVue Labels
Protect the environment and let your products shine with PureVue® Labels! Leave less waste without compromising on color and creativity with this innovative label solution.