Custom RFID Tags To Help You Better Manage Your Supply Chain

Custom RFID Tags for All Industries

The Kennedy Group is one of the most experienced producers of custom RFID tags in the country, and we’ve developed RFID tracking technology to help you with every step of your supply chain. From warehouse tracking to shipping, all the way through in-store inventory on the retail rack, we are ready to help you take control of your supply chain, improve efficiency, and save money.

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Do you need help with improving inventory workflow? Check out some of our products below. Contact us today and we’ll work to create a solution that helps you operate more efficiently and increase your cost-effectiveness.

Our Products

custom RFID tags

SmartAsset Tags are designed specifically for the retail apparel industry. Retailers can conduct physical inventory operations at a greater speed and with greater accuracy than with manual barcode-based inventory operations.

RFID Buddy Tag
An RFID Buddy Tag is a custom die-cut label that includes multiple labels within a single RFID label format. Reduce time spent searching for lost or misplaced items.
SmartTherm Tag

SmartTherm™ Tags reduce time spent searching for lost or misfiled documents. Documents, file folders, and boxes can be located quickly with a simple searching using an RFID-enabled handheld device.

Multi Trip RFID Solutions

SmartCard Slider

The SmartCard™ Slider is ideal for asset tracking applications where a small form factor and durability are vital. The slider tag tolerates extreme hot or cold temperatures and is waterproof.

Smart Nameplate
The Smart Nameplate® is ideal for permanent identification and asset management. It is durable and can withstand harsh environments yet flexible enough to adhere to rigid surfaces.
Smart Placard
Smart Placard®

The Smart Placard®, featuring Hold & Release® Technology, is ideal for tracking containers and racks where labeling is also required. It is designed with a special-release surface, allowing permanent adhesive labels to be removed and replaced as necessary.

SmartCard Tag
SmartCard™ Tag

This SmartCard™ tag was originally designed to provide information regarding parts of an air conditioning unit. The RFID tag features two holes, allowing the tag to be mounted directly to the internal coils of the air conditioner. Due to the value of the coil and the level of importance, the RFID tag is encoded with pertinent information including date of manufacturer, etc. Encased in a durable shell, the product can perform in a variety of climates as well as long-term use in harsh outdoor environments.

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