BevCom Labels

Promote Your Brand

At The Kennedy Group, we don’t just create custom labels, we own a brewery as well. So we know that standing out on store shelves is becoming harder and harder for breweries, which is why we’ve created our patent-pending* BevCom labels.

Our BevCom labels are specially shaped on-pack communication pieces that can be used with can rings. Utilize them to promote your brand while making your products more identifiable.

Features and Benefits

  • Vivid, eye-catching design
  • Ability to Cross-sell/promote other products
  • Up to 250% more room for advertising
  • Share compelling brand messages
  • Drive more traffic to the destination of your choice
  • Most importantly, sell more beer

Interested in learning more about our BevCom labels and how they can help you promote your brand and sell more beer? Contact us today.