Invest in Informative Seed Bag Tag Solutions

For nearly 50 years, The Kennedy Group has been a leader in providing market-tested and innovative solutions to help customers package, promote, identify, and track their products. Now we’re proud to add new capabilities to our portfolio with Seed Bag Tag Labels for the agricultural and crop protection industries.

Seed Bag Tag Labels need to be functional in providing the necessary information, be resilient enough to withstand rugged conditions, and have versatility in application. Seed Bag Tag Labels serve as carriers for regulatory information such as custom seed variety, traits, seed treatment information, lot numbers, analysis panels, and active ingredient charts.

The Kennedy Group provides fully compliant seed bag tag labels, available in several styles and formats. We provide the following seed tag labels for the agriculture and seed industries:

  • 10-Point Bag Tag
  • Bi-Fold Bag Tag Booklet
  • Tri-Fold Bag Tag Booklet
  • Seed Tags
  • Seed Tags

Product Offerings


This 10-Point Bag Tag is durable and supplied ready to be applied to your product. These tags, which can be printed on both sides, can carry all the regulatory information required. If additional space is needed, it’s recommended to advance to one of the booklet style tags.


This is a Bi-Fold Bag Tag Booklet, and is an Expanded Content Label (ECL). With a ‘book style’ layout, this tag is easy to read and offers a great fit for regulatory and multilingual information. This option is multi-layered and resealable.

Similar to the BTB-200, this option features many of the same benefits but comes as a Tri-Fold Bag Tag Booklet. It also qualifies as an ECL, allowing plenty of space for additional information, directions, or extra promotions. Like the Bi-Fold version, the BTB-300 is also resealable and multi-layered.

Get a Sample of Our Seed Tags

At The Kennedy Group, we’re committed to providing excellent customer service to go along with our advanced custom labeling, durable material handling, and innovative RFID solutions. We believe strongly in our capabilities and know you will too once you’re able to see firsthand the quality we provide.

Contact us today to request a sample of our seed bag tag products. We’ll be happy to assist.