The Automotive Label Solutions Your Business Needs

The Kennedy Group offers automotive label solutions designed to streamline your warehouse operations, improve your inventory processes, and increase the efficiency of all your distribution needs. Whether you need warehouse solutions or specific product and part labels, our automotive label solutions will help reduce shrinkage and increase your bottom line.

We provide rugged identification nameplates to remain resilient no matter what challenges your supply chain faces. Our Original Placard Label Holder and board placards provide methods to label reusable containers to enhance organization efforts. Tracking inventory and shipping status is more efficient than ever before with our array of innovative RFID solutions. Laying out racks in your warehouse or distribution center is simplified with our rack placard label holders, which end the need to strip away worthless layers of previous identification labels.

Check out each of our product offerings below for more details.

Product Offerings for Automotive Label Solutions

automotive label solutions

Our removable board placards work on irregular and rough surfaces where other labels just can’t perform as well. Increase productivity and save money with this innovative labeling solution.

Identification Nameplates

Label your supply chain items with solutions that hold on no matter the conditions. Indoor, outdoor, high temperature, low temperature — no matter your situation, The Kennedy Group's ID nameplates are engineered to perform.

Original Placard Label Holder

This is the standard workhorse for all warehouse labeling solutions and the perfect way to label your reusable and returnable containers to help organize and streamline your warehouse process.

Rack Placard Label Holder

No more tearing up layer after layer of labels off your racks. Our reusable placard label holders keep your racks organized, professional looking and make you more efficient.

RFID Solutions

RFID is an affordable and highly-efficient way to help you during every step of your inventory and shipping process. Step into a new way of reducing shrinkage and improving efficiency with RFID labeling solutions from The Kennedy Group.