Who We Are

How Do You Label a Company That Does it All?

We Think You Start with Family.

Who we are matters. And with that being said, there are many labels you can place on The Kennedy Group. Innovative. Quality-driven. Passionate. Any of those would fit. But, if we had to choose just one word, it would be family. Since 1974, this family-owned business has helped businesses across the globe make their mark in industries ranging from automotive to food and beverage and far beyond. Whether you’re looking to make a splash with a bright, eye-catching label, or more efficiently manage your warehouse, The Kennedy Group has a solution for you.

The Technology to Compete.

We Help You Get Ahead of Your Competition.

The Kennedy Group provides state-of-the-art printing techniques capable of providing labeling for any company in any industry. Our print technologies include economical and chemical-resistant water-based printing, high-quality and fade-resistant UV printing, ASTM-grade UV printing for smaller runs, and a variable-data printing Inkjet system for flexibility in your line. Additionally, our environmentally friendly servo drive presses ensure higher productivity and our flexographic printing capability offers 10-color printing. We also excel in printing specialty labels like pressure-sensitive paper/film and roll-fed films. Ultimately, we have everything needed in-house to accommodate both your labeling as well as material handling needs.

A Team to Make It Happen.

Innovation to Match Technology.

So now you know what we are capable of, but why would you choose The Kennedy Group? To us, our innovation sets us apart from our competitors. It’s more than just our investment in the latest technology in addition to our flexible printing solutions. We also have a sustainable portfolio with solutions that extend throughout the supply chain. We pride ourselves on providing quick turnaround times thanks to our multiple printing facilities and Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) programs. We offer tech support for various different labeling systems such as Quadrel, LabelAire, Krones, B&H, and Trine, and last, but certainly not least, we staff a dedicated customer service team that’s always available to assist you with your needs. With quality systems in place and a lean enterprise philosophy, The Kennedy Group is an obvious choice to help you better brand your business and resolve your material handling needs at the same time!

Technologies and Capabilities

Print Technologies

  • Water-based – Most economical and provides good image graphics, chemical resistant.
  • UV – Best for high-quality images demanding a more defined line screen and more complex process graphics. Provides durability and fade resistance.
  • Digital – High-quality, ASTM Grade UV ink system for smaller runs.
  • Inkjet System – Variable data printing


  • Combination 10-color flexographic printing capability
  • Servo drive presses ensure higher productivity, environmentally friendly operation, and energy-efficient production
  • 20” web width
  • Specialize in pressure-sensitive paper/film and Roll-Fed film
  • A high-resolution in-line vision inspection system
  • Laser digital plate making equipment with flat-top technology
  • Vertically-integrated manufacturing capabilities

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Our Manufacturing Facility