Agricultural Labels Provide Needed Information

The Kennedy Group now offers a variety of agricultural labels to help manufacturers in the agriculture, seed, and crop protection industries deliver the information necessary to consumers about their products. We partner with you to create functional seed bag tag labels that are durable, informative, and versatile.

Agricultural labels are essential in letting customers know specifically what is included in their product. Labels must include a variety of information ranging from seed variety within a given product to traits, treatments, lot numbers, analysis panels, and active ingredient charts.

Producing durable and inventive ways to convey this information is where The Kennedy Group comes in. Our decades of experience across many industries position us as a trusted provider in high-quality labels and material handling solutions, and our range of capabilities in agricultural labels includes:

  • Printable single- and multiple-layer tags
  • Two- or three-ply resealable labels

You can learn more about seed bag tag labels here, but here’s a quick look at two popular options of agricultural labels — which include thermal transfer printing and fan-folded options.

Booklet Labels

  • Expanded content labels
  • Easier to read
  • Convenient 3.5 x 9.5-inch size
  • Can be sealed for additional protection

10-Point Bag Tags

  • Durable and ready to be applied to bags
  • Can carry all regulatory information required
  • Convenient 3.5 x 9.5-inch size

Try Our Agricultural Labels

At The Kennedy Group, we’re committed to providing excellent customer service to go along with our advanced custom labeling, durable material handling, and innovative RFID solutions. We believe strongly in our capabilities and know you will too once you’re able to see firsthand the quality we provide.

Contact us today to request a sample of our agricultural labels. We’ll be happy to assist.