Attain Sustainable Labeling Solutions with PureVue®

Use Recyclable-Friendly Pressure-Sensitive Labels

Sustainable labeling solutions from The Kennedy Group feature a line of environmentally friendly labeling, packaging, and identification products that offer a point of differentiation for brand owners and packaging designers. These products also serve as durable identification labels for an array of industries and markets.

The cornerstone of The Kennedy Group’s sustainability efforts lies with the PureVue® Portfolio. With PureVue®, consumer packaged goods companies can enhance sustainability and display a commitment to those efforts without sacrificing brand recognition or shelf appeal.

Discover the PureVue® Difference

Designed to improve the recyclability of PET containers, PureVue® conforms to the APR Design(™) Guide for Plastics Recyclability. This means PureVue® labels will separate cleanly from the PET material during recycling, and lock in inks used on the label to prevent staining of the wash water of the process. The end result is food-grade PET flakes, which enable bottle-to-bottle recycling, a conservation of virgin PET resources, and less waste going to landfills.

Learn more about the process in this video.

Learn More About This Sustainable Labeling Solution

When you choose sustainable labeling solutions, you’re not just helping the environment and recycling efforts, you’re also reinforcing your commitment to such issues to potential customers. The Kennedy Group believes strongly in serving the interests of both the product manufacturer and eco-friendly initiatives.

“Sustainable labeling and packaging is a tremendous marketing tool. You’re protecting the environment without compromising the high quality and vibrant packaging that promotes shelf appeal.”

— Patrick Kennedy, Co-CEO, The Kennedy Group

As a producer of high-quality, low-cost products designed to give you optimal labeling and packaging solutions, The Kennedy Group places flexibility and innovation at the front of everything we do. PureVue® is a prime example of how our offerings can provide an answer to a challenging issue, while also providing value to our customer.  You can learn more about this breakthrough product line here, and read why it was chosen by a national commercial beverage producer to serve as its label of choice.

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