Providing Label Solutions for a Variety of Industries

Industries Served by The Kennedy Group

We are the packaging and label solutions leader for your industry and many more.

When our customers come to us with their packaging or labeling needs, we provide a custom solution to satisfy their needs. From RFID solutions for the automotive industry to market-friendly food and beverage packaging options, The Kennedy Group merges creativity with sound logistics to create products that streamline your process and enhance your profitability. Here are a few of the industries served by The Kennedy Group:

Agriculture – Get agricultural labels that provide functionality, resilience, and versatility in application. Carry all the regulatory information you need with 10-Point and booklet style options.

Automotive – The Kennedy Group offers label solutions for products and parts. We make it our mission to streamline your warehouse and increase your productivity.

Automotive Aftermarket – We have creative packaging solutions to help your automotive aftermarket products stand out on the shelf while keeping your costs as low as possible.

Beverage –  Make an impact on store shelves with the best beverage labeling and stand out amongst the competition with labels from The Kennedy Group. We can handle all of your beverage industry labeling needs.

Food Packaging  – One of the most competitive industries we serve is the food packaging industry. Our innovative solutions help you rise above your competition on the shelves while increasing warehouse efficiency.

Health and Beauty –  Labeling and packaging solutions From The Kennedy Group help you identify with your customers as well as inform and educate them on your various health and beauty products while promoting your brand and its benefits.

Household Products – The Kennedy Group provides the household product industry with labeling solutions that help your products sell. We display information that ensures that consumers feel a sense of security when bringing your product into their homes.

Industrial – Your warehouse has to be efficient if you are going to be profitable. The Kennedy Group provides industrial labeling solutions that help make your warehouse faster and more accurate.

Newspaper – In today’s digital world, newspaper advertisements continue to be a great way to reach customers and introduce them to your products. The Kennedy Group has newspaper advertisement labels that speak to readers in a totally different way!

Retail and Retail DistributionFrom the warehouse to store shelves, The Kennedy Group is there every step of the way to ensure that your products get to your consumers efficiently and creatively. 

Let's Find the Right Label Solutions For You

If you have any questions about how The Kennedy Group can serve your company’s unique labeling and packaging needs, please do not hesitate to contact us today. You can also view other available products including RFID solutions, material handling identification labels, and promotional response products.  If your business doesn’t fall under our list of industries served, that’s okay! We can still find the right solution for you within your industry.