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Benefits of RFID Tags for Inventory Tracking

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Keeping track of your inventory during warehousing, shipping, and in-store inventory operations is crucial to taking control of your supply chain, improving the efficiency of processes, and saving money. So, what is the best way to do this? RFID tags for inventory tracking is one of the most efficient options. 

What Are RFID Tags for Inventory Tracking?  

These tags are smart labels equipped with radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology that uses radio frequency to search for, identify, track, and communicate with items and people. RFID tags can store various types of information to keep inventory tracking easy, including serial numbers, descriptions, and essential data on the product’s properties and safety information. 

There are various types of RFID tags for inventory tracking that can be customized to the needs of your business. Each solution will help keep products organized, however, one solution may be better than others. Some of the solutions The Kennedy Group offers include:

  • SmartAsset Tags These RFID tags are specifically designed for the retail apparel industry, allowing retailers to conduct physical inventory operations more quickly and with better accuracy compared to manual barcode-based operations. 
  • RFID Buddy Tags This die-cut labeling option includes multiple labels within a single RFID solution, reducing time spent searching for lost and misplaced items.
  • SmartTherm™ Tags This RFID tag is specifically used for finding lost or misfiled documents quickly by using an RFID-enabled handheld device. 

What Are the Benefits of Using RFID Tags for Inventory Tracking?

Improves the Efficiency of Product Tracking

RFID tags on your products can be integrated into your warehouse management systems and other product tracking systems. This allows you to take control of the arrival, storage, and distribution of products and makes the process faster and more accurate. 

When a product arrives at a warehouse, the RFID tags are scanned. This information is saved in warehouse management systems or other tracking systems so that later employees can easily find the location associated with the product, reducing wasted time searching for products.  

Corrects Inaccurate Inventory Counts

Sometimes using traditional barcode tracking systems can result in incorrect inventory counts. RFID tags can be used to map a product’s movements from arrival to distribution, allowing employees to find the product and understand what caused the inaccuracies. 

Automates the Supply Chain

With automation becoming more and more popular in various industries, it is important that product tracking keeps up. RFID tags allow automated robots to identify and handle products by helping them know where products are located so they can retrieve them. 

With the ability to integrate automated systems, you can reduce the need for human labor, ultimately reducing your costs. Plus, with more robots doing the work, there is less of a chance of errors occurring. 

Are You Interested In RFID Tags for Inventory Tracking? The Kennedy Group is Here to Help

At The Kennedy Group, our team has developed RFID tracking technology to help you manage your supply chain at every step. We have a wide array of custom offerings, including SmartAsset Tags, RFID Buddy Tags, and SmartTherm™ Tags. Additionally, we have multi-trip RFID solutions, such as our SmartCard™ Slider, Smart Nameplate®, Smart Placard®, and SmartCard™ Tags. 

We also offer various other products, including label and packaging products, material identification handling, and promotional response products. With five decades of experience, our team can handle any of your labeling needs. 
If you are ready to get started, contact our team today or request a sample.