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The Role of Warehouse Rack Labels in Warehouse Organization

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Warehouse rack labels are essential to the efficient tracking, identification, and picking of products within a warehouse. They also help reduce the time spent on inventory management so you can focus on other aspects of your business. Warehouse rack labels let employees know exactly where to find a product, saving them time. 

So, what exactly are these labels? Read on to learn more and explore the various benefits warehouse rack labels and location tags can offer to your business.   

What Are Warehouse Rack Labels? 

Warehouse rack labels are used to track, identify, and pick products in warehouses. Included on the label is typically a barcode image paired with human-readable letters and/or numbers, giving warehouse employees easy ways to identify each tag. Additionally, these labels are usually color-coded for even faster identification. 

This labeling solution is highly visible on warehouse racks and is used to permanently identify racks and shelving units in warehouses and storage facilities. They help prevent missing shipments and inaccurate inventory counts, ultimately leading to fewer misplaced products.  

The Benefits of Warehouse Rack Labels

These labels provide many benefits to businesses. From easier organization to improvements in safety practices, warehouse rack labels save businesses time and money while keeping employees safe. 

Easily Organize Warehouses

These labels play a role in the receiving, stocking, staging, inventory, picking, and shipping operations that occur within warehouses. They are customized for each brand and product with sequential numbering, which gives companies numerous options to organize assets that are integral to their operations. These aspects of warehouse rack labels give workers the ability to easily and quickly locate items. 

Improve Inventory Management 

Again, these labels make receiving, stocking, staging, inventory, picking, and shipping operations happen faster and more efficiently. This helps to improve inventory management by preventing the misplacement of products and missing shipments, and saves time tracking down products. 

Improve Safety

In addition to providing the information needed to improve inventory management, warehouse labels provide the maximum load safety warnings on all racks and shelves and provide weight capacity labels. This protects employees from shelves and racks toppling due to stacking too many products and exceeding weight limits. By improving the safety of the warehouse, employees can work more efficiently, reduce the cost of mishandled or damaged products, and eliminate errors. 

Features of Warehouse Location Tags and Rack Labels from The Kennedy Group

Warehouse location tags and rack labels from The Kennedy Group are designed to create order and efficiency in a warehouse. But, how do we get it done? We provide weight capacity information on these tags and labels, improving the safety of the warehouse by ensuring workers and forklift operators load the racks properly. 

Additionally, our tags and labels can be customized to any size with any colors or graphics needed. The Kennedy Group also prints barcodes, sequential numbers, and/or human-readable identification for easy location within the warehouse. 

We also offer options for different adhesives and materials depending on the location of your storage racks. These durable labels can be outfitted with adhesives for indoor, outdoor, or cold storage environments. 

Partner with The Kennedy Group for Your Warehouse Labels

Since 1974, The Kennedy Group has been creating custom labeling solutions for various industries and applications. We have the capabilities needed to print barcodes, colors, designs, and letter/number sequences so your labels have everything you need to make your warehouse as efficient as possible. Plus, the materials we use can withstand indoor, outdoor, and cold warehousing environments without you ever having to worry about them fading or falling off the shelves.
If you are interested in warehouse location tags, contact our team today.