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Discover the Versatility of Custom Pressure Sensitive Labels

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Achieve More with the Most Popular Packaging Labels

Custom pressure sensitive labels offer a great way to make your products stand out and remain the go-to option for many producers across a wide swath of industries and specialized lines.

According to recent research, pressure sensitive (PS) labels command nearly 80 percent of the demand for packaging labels. It’s easy to see why. With a slew of benefits, custom pressure sensitive labels give product consumers multiple options that can all impact the bottom line.

It starts with shelf appeal, or how likely the label is to draw attention for the brand or company when lined up against competitors in a retail environment. With no limits to design choices or color, pressure sensitive labels can deliver distinctive graphics that convey a unique message or personality for each individual product line.

Durability is another commonly-cited trait regarding the popularity of PS labels. Available in traditional paper, or premium film versions, PS labels also need to be able to hold up under a wide variety of conditions. From abrasions and scratches in transit, to the steamy heat of a shower or the icy cold of a beverage cooler, PS labels will be challenged by many potential types of stimuli that could impact their performance. Custom pressure sensitive labels are counted on to meet those standards as well as safety and regulatory compliance requirements.

Versatility is another hallmark of PS labels. Whether it’s extreme durability — for automotive applications for instance — or distinct graphics, the potential product uses for PS labels runs across virtually every retail segment.

Pressure sensitive labels also remain perhaps the most viable cost-effective option. PS labels feature designed images commonly printed in large quantities on a flexographic press on the chosen material (paper or film) with the backing of an adhesive. This ‘roll’ is printed, cut, and trimmed; true to its name, when pressure is applied it adheres to the chosen packing surface. Because of this manufacturing process, savings can be found in the bulk production and application of PS labels.

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3 Examples of Custom Pressure Sensitive Labels

When accounting for all the potential benefits of PS labels, you can also quickly realize a diverse range of engaging options for your products. The Kennedy Group has developed many custom pressure sensitive label lines to further augment and enhance the visibility and impact of your packaging. Let’s explore some of these customization options further.

Aqua Clear™ Labels

When you want a see-through, no-label look for your product packaging, our Aqua Clear™ labels will deliver the attention-grabbing appearance you’re looking for. You’ll still maintain the overall appearance and consistency of your brand, but potential consumers will see more of the product and less of the label.

Particularly engaging on squeezable or contoured containers, Aqua Clear™ labels have strong adhesion to most plastic and glass surfaces and can also be die-cut for unique shapes. With a selection of colors, gloss intensities, and finishes available for the film layers, Aqua Clear also presents the opportunity to reduce inventory cost associated with pre-printed containers.

ImagePLUS™ Labeling

This line combines the best durability with the distinctive graphics that guarantee the unique identity and personality of products will shine through while also meeting all regulatory compliance requirements. Proven to perform in virtually every industry, ImagePLUS™ Labeling offers other benefits:

  • 10-color printing for high-quality graphics
  • Four-color process printing to achieve superior image clarity, bold graphics and maximum cost efficiencies
  • In-house lab available for testing of custom face stocks and adhesives to ensure the right specifications for your application
  • UV Flexo/Flexographic capabilities
  • UV Flexo/Rotary Screen capabilities
  • Computerized ink matching system and SPC color monitoring system

PureVue® Labels

As the cornerstone of The Kennedy Group’s sustainability efforts, the PureVue® Portfolio gives consumer packaged goods companies the ability to enhance sustainability and display a commitment to those efforts without sacrificing brand recognition or shelf appeal.
Designed to improve the recyclability of PET containers, PureVue® conforms to the APR Design(™) Guide for Plastics Recyclability. This means PureVue® labels will separate cleanly from the PET material during recycling, and lock in inks used on the label to prevent staining of the wash water of the process. The end result is food-grade PET flakes, which enable bottle-to-bottle recycling, a conservation of virgin PET resources, and less waste going to landfills.

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