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Lean on the Benefits of Placard Label Holders

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Durable Tracking Solutions in Manufacturing Environments

Dependable, proven, and reliable, container placard label holders remain a steadfast material handling identification solution for many organizations. With the pressures put on every industry for increased production, and the still prevalent struggles with supply chain issues plaguing many, the need for streamlined, cost-effective organization of manufacturing facilities and distribution centers has never been greater.

Both versatile and adaptable, placard label holders provide spaces for key information needed in the workplace — be it an assembly line, a distribution center, warehouse, or restaurant freezer. By providing reusable and easily accessible points for labels of many types, including barcode labels, placards are essential for efficiently tracking assets, managing inventory, and simplifying warehouse operations.

Today we’ll examine some of the benefits of placard label holders, and explore why The Kennedy Group is the premier provider of such solutions.

The Kennedy Group Difference: In this video, see illustrated examples of how our Original Container Placard Label Holder can impact your shipping and handling.

Proven Benefits of Placard Label Holders

The Original Kennedy Container Placard Label Holder is a permanent label holder that features Hold & Release® Technology to allow for easy application and removal of single-use labels. Our placards adhere to a wide range of surface types and through an array of temperatures. They can be customized to nearly any shape, size, and color to either blend in seamlessly or stand out in the environment as needed. Our placards will accept most standard permanent labels easily.

The ability to provide a durable and reusable space for labeling of material handling totes, cartons, boxes, pallets and other containers of virtually any shape and size leads to a host of benefits, including:

Cost savings/less labor intensive — With our Hold & Release Technology®, labels can be removed from the placard easily. There will be no sticky residue, and no required scraping of containers in order to add a different label.

Organization — With the clean release of previous labels, our container placard label holders ensure a streamlined appearance for your containers. This means no messy overlap or multiple labels competing in the same space, which will make reading and recognizing the information contained on the label easier and simpler.

Confidence — Because of the neat and clean appearance, and durability of the placards, you’ll be able to rest easier knowing your containers are much less likely to be misplaced. Potential incorrect shipments of valuable products because of mislabeled or misidentified containers will be a thing of the past.

Security — The Kennedy Group guarantees our placards will perform correctly. With a 99.9999% success rate, these labeling products undergo independent testing, including tests for removability and durability, surface testing, QUV weathering, extreme temperatures, and wash cycles.

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Placard Label Holders Come in Many Forms

Left out of the above list of benefits for placard label holders was their adaptability to specific circumstances in your specific circumstances and needs. When you need the ability to replace single-use labels on a variety of containers, our placards come with easily customizable options to address any concerns. Here’s a look at three common solutions that all come with Hold & Release Technology.

Freezer Grade Placards

These permanent label holders keep containers, racks, and shelving units in cold storage neat and clean and are a vital solution for cold environments and applications such as food processing, industrial laboratory cold storage facilities, and outdoor storage areas that are exposed to weathering and cold temperatures.

Our freezer grade placards are FDA approved for indirect food contact, are designed to withstand low-temperature conditions (down to -40oF), and feature a more rigorous performing adhesive that bonds even at 0oF.

Gas Cylinder Placards

Proper labeling is imperative when working with industrial gases, and it’s essential each canister or cylinder be marked with the name of its contents. Also, cylinders need spaces to identify if the container is empty — so it can be stored apart from full cylinders until refilled or replaced. Our placards are important in this space with the ability to easily remove old labels and apply new ones for clear, consistent, and important information.

Gas cylinder placard label holders are designed to apply easily to the rounded exteriors of these containers while maintaining their ability to accept most standard labels. They’ll keep the cylinders neat — with the easy removal of old labels — to prevent mislabeling and misidentification.

Board Placard Label Holders

These placards are specifically designed to be applied to containers with ribbed or uneven surfaces that have no place for traditional labels or label holders. Perforated surfaces, or grid-shaped exteriors — think of the texture of a milk crate — which normally couldn’t maintain legible labels can use board placard label holders to realize all the benefits afforded to flat-surfaced totes or boxes.

All the usual benefits apply to board placards as well: the ability to easily remove and replace labels on the placard, availability in many sizes and dimensions, and durability.

The Kennedy Group Difference: From food and beverage to retail distribution, we cover nearly every industry with innovative solutions.

The Kennedy Group is the Home of the Original Placard Label Holder

The Kennedy Group has provided innovative labeling and packaging, and material handling and identification solutions for more than 40 years. From barcode labels to industrial nameplates, we design and create ways for you to more efficiently manage your warehouses and distribution centers, and track vital assets.

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