Provide a Friendly User Experience With Blooming Tags™ All-in-One Floral Tags

The Blooming Tag™ is an an-all-in-one floral tag solution that combines the product’s description and its UPC barcode. These all-in-one floral tags are user-friendly for the retail customer as well. Because of the perforated, tear-off portion of the tag, the barcode and price can be printed on the tear-off portion of the tag and not stuck to the container. Also, the tear-off part of the tag makes it convenient for easy removal for gift giving.

Features & Benefits

  • Custom printed to customer specs
  • Moisture- and chemical-resistant heavy gauge material (substrate)
  • Water based inks with UV varnish are used
  • Thermal transfer printable to accept customer information such as UPC barcodes & pricing
  • Two-sided printed labels, perfect for printing plant care instructions on the backside
  • Simple tear-off portion for price removal after purchase
  • Eliminates need for a separate barcode label to be applied to the container
  • Easy to remove tag by the retail customer without them having to scrape off the label from
    the container
  • Two standard sizes available; custom shapes and sizes are available upon request
  • Selling direct from the manufacturer with no middleman