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Differentiate with High-Quality Product Labels

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Arm Your Products with Distinctive Looks

High-quality product labels remain the most visible and constant impression your customers have of your products and your company. The label serves as the primary communicator of your brand’s story, attracts attention, identifies products, informs, and is often the important first step in selling your product and reputation as a business.

Labels for commercial products give brands the opportunity to refine all those messages through a series of decisions, including the kind of materials used, and methods and techniques employed. All label choices should hone in on the simple fact that first appearances and attraction matter when shoppers are looking to make a purchasing decision. On the shelf, your packaging must draw the eye, speak to potential buyers, and provide shelf appeal among a row of competitors looking to accomplish the same things.

For example, in a Packaging Matters study, more than 65 percent of new customers said they purchased a product for the first time because of that brand’s packaging. Meanwhile, 55 percent of repeat customers said they bought a product again because of the favorable impressions and interactions they had with the packaging and labeling.

Packaging can mean the difference between the success of a product or its possible failure. High-quality product labels play a huge role in that calculation by enhancing the visual appeal and promoting a positive brand image in conjunction with great designs and vibrant colors.

Examples of High-Quality Product Label Options

When executed properly, shelf appeal alone can encourage consumers to place a product in their shopping cart. But it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to stand out. There are more than 31,000 products lining the aisles in a typical American supermarket, which means distinctive, value-adding labels are needed now more than ever.

The Kennedy Group is a high-quality, low-cost producer of pressure-sensitive and roll-fed film products designed to give you optimal label and packaging solutions. This includes many options that can impart unique looks or finishes to your labels to help brands develop connections with customers and shine when placed next to competitors. Let’s examine a pair of these high-quality product label offerings and how they can give your products the shelf appeal needed to stand out.


TruIMAGE(™) is the proprietary name for new prepress technology from The Kennedy Group. It offers a high-quality product label that rivals the capabilities associated with offset, gravure, and digital options. With this technique, brands will enjoy the improved image quality of more expensive printing techniques coupled with the ease and lower price point of employing flexography printing.

The most distinctive difference between TruIMAGE and conventional flexo printing methods will be the sharpness of the delivered image quality. TruIMAGE delivers prints equivalent to 300–400 lines per inch (LPI) for the standard process, and can even up that to 350–450 LPI for extended processes. Typical flexo printing ranges from 150–200 LPI. This is a clear upgrade in quality and results in vibrant, detailed graphics and photo-realistic prints for high-quality product labels.

This method improves the printing of colors in addition to adding to image clarity and sharpness. TruIMAGE uses no screen angles and operates with high solid ink densities; these differences from the typical flexo printing process lead to true, bolder color representation. From smooth flat tints to vignettes that fade gradually to nothing and more opaque whites, you’ll see more vibrant labels — and more eye-catching overall packaging.

The Kennedy Group Difference: Learn more about TruIMAGE here, including more details about the process and the ways it can save time and money.

Bright Graphics

If you want to add a high-quality look to your products, complete with rich finishes, The Kennedy Group offers its Bright Graphics(™) line. Using either silver or gold cold foil technology or metalized film, this option provides another cost-effective way to add strong visual appeal to your product labels.

The cold foil can be applied to either paper or film material and doesn’t require the costly dyes associated with hot foil stamping. Both cold foil and metalized film can be used via digital printing for short-run jobs or conventional printing methods for larger runs. You can also choose holographic designs or implement the options in virtually unlimited designs.

Cold foil is a great technique to highlight and enhance a label’s text and fine details and works on a wide variety of substrates such as films and non-absorbent papers. Metalized film gives a glossy metallic appearance, comes ready to print, and is a flexible, durable material. With an array of colors and tints available to match brand requirements, the metalized film delivers a sleek, premium look.

The Kennedy Group Difference: Learn how to add sizzle and shine to your products with the Bright Graphics(™) line here.

The Kennedy Group Delivers Quality in Every Label

The Kennedy Group is an innovative, quality-driven, family-owned business that has provided solutions for companies in a wide range of industries for nearly 50 years. When you want effective, attractive, high-quality product labels, we have the experience and expertise to provide the solutions you need to reach your goals.

The Kennedy Group is capable of serving your specific industry needs, from warehouse management with barcode labels and RFID tags to a wide range of labeling solutions, including sustainable options.

Connect with The Kennedy Group today to learn more about our high-quality product labels or to receive a free quote.