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Commercial labels continue to remain an effective and essential marketing tool for product manufacturers because they are one of the first things to draw potential consumers and customers to your product.

The link between labels and customer perception of your product remains strong and is often the first impression your brand will have on a consumer. With that in mind, product manufacturers should consider the many labeling options available to convey the exact kind of message they want to send related to their product.

Commercial labels offer opportunities to hone and refine that message and deliver an impact across many industries and in many different ways. From material decisions to techniques and methods used, let’s examine some of the choices you have in using labeling solutions to increase your product’s visibility and attract customers.

Digital Printing

From food and beverage to beauty and household cleaning, consumer product markets are becoming more and more segmented due to technology. With access to more information than ever before through the development of the internet and mobile communication, consumers can learn more about topics such as different types of products, manufacturing processes, and trends to better inform purchasing decisions.

Manufacturers, too, are embracing the Information Age for research on what potential customers are looking for, listing as a priority, or responding favorably to in terms of marketing and product choice. Customers are more capable now of highlighting specific wants or needs from a product. As a result, businesses can better enter or create market segments to reach those specific audiences and boost their brand’s appeal.

At the intersection of this dual segmentation is digital printing for commercial labels. Digital printing is a solution for companies that desire to move toward mass customization of product labels for more cost-effective and targeted (or regional) promotions. Digital printing can also enable companies to reach those new segments more quickly with colorful, high-quality images that come in affordable short-run projects.

The Kennedy Group Difference: Our digital printing expertise combines print flexibility and variable printing capabilities to increase the speed-to-market for your product. Learn more here.

Premium Materials

Label materials go beyond simply choosing film, paper, or card stock. High-end materials like foil, clear labels, and metallic finishes are often used to enhance packaging and attract attention. These materials’ quality, general appearance, and visual impact are perfect for product manufacturers who are ready to take their labeling to the next level. When you need your commercial labels to convey high quality or exceptional feel, investing in premium materials for additional sizzle can be a cost-effective way to implement a new look for products without changing the brand’s overall look.

For example, foil labels are a quick and effective way to add some cachet to the appearance of your products and grab shoppers’ attention because of the light-catching shine effect. According to a Nielsen NeuroFocus study, consumers are likely to have several perceptions about a product when they see foil-enhanced labels. The study found consumers were more likely to consider foil or metallic labels as representing “distinctive” or “higher quality” over non-metallic labeled products.

The Kennedy Group Difference: Our Bright Graphics line adds a rich look with either cold-foil technology or metallic film, and can be either executed with digital printing for short runs or conventional printing for larger quantities.

Roll-Fed Film

Roll-fed labels check all the boxes when considered as a commercial labeling solution. Capable of providing a visual punch on store shelves, roll-fed film labels won’t slow down production processes and are a sustainable option as they use considerably fewer resources.

Sometimes referred to as unsupported film labels, roll-fed labels differ in design, construction, and application method from pressure-sensitive labels. Roll-fed film labels are supplied via a continuous roll of labels without a liner or adhesive pre-applied. Instead, application machinery cuts the roll into individual labels and then adds an adhesive as the label wraps around the container.

Made to fit the contours of your container, roll-fed film labels make the most out of the available space on product packaging with full-color, 360-degree coverage. A growing segment of the commercial labels space because of the shelf appeal and durability, roll-fed film labels can conform to various shapes across many industries, including food and beverages, health and beauty, and automotive care products.

The Kennedy Group Difference: We offer innovative film solutions like roll-on, shrink-on (ROSO) labels, and our ClearWrap(™) film that will help your packaging stand out on crowded shelves with a clean, no-label look.

Pressure-Sensitive Labels

Pressure-Sensitive (PS) labels remain the most popular commercial label in use due to their versatility of application usage, their suitability for the popular ‘no-label’ look, and amenability to specialization — such as extended content labels (ECLs) and smart labels. As recently as 2020, PS labels accounted for 76% of the demand in commercial labeling.

PS labels won’t be going anywhere either and remain a strong option because they will be supported by the growing popularity of specialized labels and the promotion of higher value and higher performance labels. One example is the more durable types of labels needed for automotive, appliance, and electronics applications.

Pressure-sensitive labels provide distinctive graphics that convey each product’s unique identity and personality while also meeting performance, safety, and regulatory compliance requirements. That versatility will always be a positive.

The Kennedy Group Difference: We’re able to offer an array of quality PS labels, like our Aqua Clear (™) Prime Labels, which showcase more of your product and even work on contoured and squeezable containers.

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The Kennedy Group is an innovative, quality-driven, family-owned business that has provided solutions for companies in a wide range of industries for nearly 50 years. Whether you’re looking for impactful commercial labels or striving for better warehouse management options, we have the products to help you reach your goals.

For instance, besides our full portfolio of labels, we have a complete line of RFID products that will modernize and streamline your supply chain management capabilities to a modern era standard.

No matter your needs or industry, The Kennedy Group has the knowledge and expertise to help you create custom solutions that improve efficiency, increase the effectiveness of your labeling needs, and help you track valuable assets.

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