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Examine TruIMAGE for Luxury Label Printing

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Get photo-realistic imaging with new pre-press technology

For high-end, luxury label printing, TruIMAGE™ — the proprietary name for a new pre-press technology from The Kennedy Group — offers a quality of print that rivals that associated with offset, gravure, and digital options.

By using TruIMAGE, brands will enjoy the improved image quality of more expensive printing techniques with the ease and lower price point of employing flexography. For bolder colors, sharper images, and fewer potential printing issues, TruIMAGE has the potential to be a game-changing labeling solution for many companies across several industries.

Let’s dive into what TruIMAGE is, how it works, and what kind of benefits this new process can provide to those that choose to use it.

What is TruIMAGE?

TruIMAGE is a new screening method that has been combined with innovations in flexographic processes and systems to provide imaging that is challenging the future for flexible packaging and labels. By combining aspects of the best characteristics of AM, XM, FM, GS, and CS screening, while sidestepping the limitations and problems associated with those processes, the TruIMAGE technique can dramatically enhance the stability and quality of flex presswork.

TruIMAGE is powered by advanced software. Every pixel produced is placed individually; this means the dots in each separation are precisely controlled. The screening analyzes each pixel to ensure that each dot is not too small to plate or print, and not large enough to be visible on its own. Created meticulously, dots are placed to make sure detail is placed precisely where needed, flat tints remain ‘flat,’ and vignettes are smooth.

A stochastic rosette application — which interleaves the screens in separations to eliminate noise and moiré — maximizes the ink-on-paper area while also minimizing ink-on-ink coverage. The result of less ink ‘conflict’ is print quality for flexible substrates that were previously unobtainable.

Vibrant, distinctive benefits

The most distinctive difference between TruIMAGE and conventional flexo printing methods will be the sharpness of the delivered image quality. This is a clear differentiator for luxury label printing needs and services, which endeavor to provide the best possible representation of the products.

TruIMAGE produces high-quality prints equivalent to 300-400 lines per inch (LPI) for the standard process and can approach ranges of 350-450 for extended processes. The typical range for regular flexo printing is 150-200 LPI. This level of detail provides unparalleled image reproduction capabilities.

This image clarity and sharpness come with improved printing of colors as well. Given the nature of the process, misaligned registration is less punitive in terms of color representation. In regular flexo printing, colors are represented by similar shapes — circular or donut-shaped — and screen angles can impact how color is represented as well. But with TruIMAGE, there are NO screen angles employed. Also, each color is represented by a different shape. Combined, these differences allow for more apparent color without overlapping.

These differences lead to truer, bolder color representation — even out of registration — thanks to high solid ink densities. This process produces printed highlight dots as low as 1% and shadow dots of up to 99.5%. You can expect smooth flat tints and moiré-free prints for perfect 4-color process printing. Vignettes fade smoothly to nothing. You’ll experience bolder colors and brighter and more opaque whites for more eye-catching packaging.

And because of the technique used, TruIMAGE addresses various press issues that can affect image quality. This process significantly reduces and even eliminates problems like bounce, barring, and slur that can negatively impact final printed projects.

Experience the TruIMAGE Difference

For high quality, photo-realistic prints and premium graphics for luxury label printing, TruIMAGE offers the deeper, richer colors and image clarity and sharpness associated with offset or gravure with the cost and ease of use benefits seen with flexographic film.

The difference in image quality between traditional flexo printing and TruIMAGE is stark and notable. Imagine the visual difference experienced when going from standard to high-definition television for the first time. Or the audio quality difference noted when switching from an AM radio station to an FM one.

This difference in quality will have tangible benefits for the brand and products represented. TruIMAGE allows the use of actual photo representations for faces, animals, and other items (like fruit) to be used in luxury label printing instead of less defined or simplified versions. This leads to cross-market consistency, dramatic shelf presence that both catches the eye and provides a ‘wow’ factor, and cost savings versus the more costly offset and gravure methods.

Enhanced Luxury Label Printing with The Kennedy Group

The Kennedy Group is an innovative, quality-driven, family-owned business that has helped companies in a wide array of industries find creative solutions since 1974. Whether you’re targeting making a splash with luxury label printing or striving for better warehouse management options, The Kennedy Group has a wide range of products that will help you reach your goals.

Our full portfolio of labeling solutions includes pressure sensitive and roll-fed film products and digital printing options to provide on-demand flexibility and the consolidation of workflow management to reduce complexity and increase speed-to-market.

Our material handling identification labeling products will help you track assets, and our RFID line of products will bring your supply chain management capabilities into the modern era.

No matter your needs or industry, The Kennedy Group has the knowledge and expertise to help you create custom solutions to keep track of valuable assets, improve efficiency, and increase the effectiveness of your labeling needs. Connect with TKG today to learn more about our TruIMAGE printing process and how it can help your products catch the attention they deserve.