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Explore Our RFID Products for Higher Accuracy and Efficiency in Tracking Valuable Assets

While we’ve done a previous blog on how RFID products improve warehouse tracking for better efficiency, there are a number of additional RFID applications that can improve tracking throughout every stage of your supply chain. Whether you’re looking for better ways to track warehouse inventory, important documents and files, retail apparel and products, or more, RFID products can provide you with an accurate and efficient solution.

Here is an overview of The Kennedy Group’s different RFID products and their applications across several industries.

Buddy Tags

We’ll start with the most versatile RFID product type, which we at TKG call “buddy tags.” Our Smart Nameplates or SmartTherm tags — which we’ll be discussing a little later on — can be used in conjunction with buddy tags. This makes these RFID tags one solution that can be used across applications for document tracking, shipping, reusable totes, and more.

Our RFID Buddy Tags involve printing custom die-cut labels identical to one another for placement on related items, with a reference label to help keep track of the related assets. For example, think of luggage tags, which have removable strips for each step or layover so that airlines can keep track of your suitcase at multiple checkpoints along the way to your destination. Another practical example would be a product moving through a factory with buddy tags used to denote different steps (quality checks, when it’s purchased, when it’s shipped, and more).

For use in warehouses, we often print two labels to place on each container — one with RFID for one side of the tote and one without RFID for the other side — so you and your team members can read it from both sides and in multiple ways for maximum convenience and easy locating. Buddy tags ultimately make locating related assets across use cases, keeping proper track of inventory levels, or ensuring one item completes every step of an essential process more straightforward for businesses in multiple industries.

Industrial Nameplates

Smart Nameplates® are strong, pressure-sensitive labels with adhesive, often used for more industrial items like plastic totes or large pallets. These are optimal for permanent identification and asset management. They are extremely durable in order to withstand harsh environments over long periods of time but also built to be flexible enough to adhere well to rigid surfaces. As mentioned previously, Smart Nameplates® can have custom buddy tags associated depending on the use case.

One thing to note is that RFID nameplates don’t work well with metals, carbon-based materials (depending on the level of carbon content), or water-based liquids (non-water-based liquids like motor oil work fine with RFID). For this reason, you wouldn’t want to use this type of label on a metal drum or filing cabinet because it would ‘de-tune’ the RFID.

Additionally, for use on containers with water-based liquids, you would need some sort of significant barrier between the liquid and the label, and the result would only operate within a short range of about two to three feet. This is because water absorbs radio waves, which is why, for example, you may have trouble finding phone service if you’re out on a lake.

Track Important Documents

Our SmartTherm™ RFID Tags are optimized for close proximity to track and trace your vital documents and files. These are paper labels printed using one of two methods. Thermal transfer involves melting a coating of ribbon that transfers and adheres to the label. By contrast, direct thermal printing does not require a ribbon, instead involving direct contact between the label material and print head.

SmartTherm™ labels go on packages for shipment tracking and files for document tracking and are often used as buddy tags, putting an RFID label on the box or folder and placing an identical barcode on a sheet of paper to locate. You and your team can print SmartTherm™ tags onsite, or The Kennedy Group can print them for you.

Retail Solutions

Lastly, RFID retail solutions provide item-level traceability for retail apparel. Our SmartAsset Tags are hangtag labels that go in shirts, pants, or other clothing items for inventory purposes in retail environments. They have no adhesive on either side and the inlay isn’t visible because it’s inserted between two pieces of cardstock or poly material.

Like many of our other solutions, these are versatile, and can also be used as industrial asset tags. SmartAsset Tags provide deeper supply tracking intelligence for fast-moving inventory pieces to help eliminate stock shortages. These will also help to identify phantom inventory issues early on in order to address and alleviate them before they become a larger problem for your company.

It’s Clear — TKG’s RFID Products Help You Track Better

No matter your needs or industry, The Kennedy Group has the knowledge and expertise to help you create custom solutions to keep track of valuable assets and improve efficiency and accuracy within your processes. Connect with TKG today to explore our wide selection of RFID products for excellence in every application.