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Durable Tracking Solutions in Manufacturing Environments

RFID (radio frequency identification) technology allows real-time visibility and tracking of materials and assets needed to keep the manufacturing process moving with clockwork-like efficiency. Industrial RFID tags have become more popular as well as a means to reduce shipping errors, improve security, validate raw materials and finished goods.

RFID tags come in many types, and operate at different frequencies and modes. Whether RFID tags communicate on low, high, or ultra-high frequencies — or employ active or passive communication modes — isn’t the primary focus for RFID tags used in an industrial or manufacturing environment however.

Industrial RFID tags can, of course, involve many of these different types and varieties of tags, but the lead concern is how well the tag itself can hold up in challenging environments. For example, on a factory floor production processes can include harsh conditions or abrasive elements like extreme temperatures, humidity, or the presence of chemicals and solvents.

RFID tags and systems that can withstand difficult environmental conditions can greatly enhance the ability to control and monitor operations, and thus increase the efficiency of the manufacturing process. RFID tags store information essential to the element, component, part, or asset; this information and tracking the specific element throughout your manufacturing or industrial footprint can be used to optimize production processes.

For example, in an automotive manufacturing assembly line, you can keep track of key components from start to finish.

Additionally, RFID technology can be leveraged to monitor equipment within the facility by tagging machines, trucks, forklifts, conveyors, and more. Raw material, or the containers holding it, can be tagged as well. This allows the monitoring of real-time movements which can lead to more efficient and effective production planning.

Industrial RFID tags provide a rugged and durable identification process that can survive the presence of abrasive elements and can be installed in challenging locations as well as on industrial containers. Precise and accurate industrial identification products ensure you always have access to the information you need relating to the logistics and processes of your facility.

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3 Examples of Industrial RFID Tags

Beyond the common denominator of being rugged enough to maintain their capabilities in challenging environments, industrial RFID tags also come in different forms and serve specialized functions. SInce 1974 The Kennedy Group has provided market-tested and innovative solutions to help customers package, promote, identify, and track their products. We’re doing the same in the RFID space. Let’s examine a few of our specialized products in industrial environments.

SmartCard™ Slider

This multi-trip RFID tag is ideal for asset tracking applications where small size, as well as durability, is essential. The SmartCard™ Slider was originally designed for waste management process, and to promote efficiency and control. The tag device tolerates both extremely hot or cold temperatures, is waterproof and can hold up well against other heavy-duty circumstances.

The Slider combines rugged durability in a compact package (0.625 by 3.96 inches), featuring a consistently readable UHF signal through temperature ranges from -40oF to 150oF, that enables it to be put into small, compact openings. Scratch and abrasion resistant, these tags are commonly used in applications ranging from reusable plastic containers (RPCs) and bulk containers and pallets.

Smart Nameplate®

Ideal for permanent identification and asset management, Smart Nameplates® are durable and can withstand harsh environments but remain flexible enough to adhere to rigid surfaces. This pressure-sensitive film product enables inlay longevity and multiple programming to reduce overall costs while also promoting versatility.

These Nameplates are designed to resist weather, abrasions, and chemicals, and feature consistent UHF signals through standard service temperatures of -40oF to 350oF. By improving accuracy and efficiency in data collection for many applications in supply chain management, logistics tracking, and point-of-sale, these Nameplates are ideal for all container, pallet, and rack tracking.

Smart Placard®

These RFID tags are ideal for tracking containers and racks when you also need labeling. With our Hold & Release® Technology, these placards allow permanent adhesive labels to be removed and replaced as necessary.

Now complete with RFID technology, Smart Placards® will allow you to track any container throughout the entirety of your facility.
The Smart Placard®, featuring Hold & Release® Technology, is ideal for tracking containers and racks where labeling is also required. It is designed with a special-release surface, allowing permanent adhesive labels to be removed and replaced as necessary.

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The Kennedy Group has one of the most experienced RFID knowledge bases in the industry. With dedicated systems engineers with expertise in equipment configuration and inlay placement, a devoted customer service team, and knowledgeable sales & marketing staff combine to offer sustainable solutions to companies’ supply chain challenges, we provide the diversity and flexibility needed to craft an RFID solution no matter your facility.

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